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Production team studying during their online course

Our Production Team Completing Their IICRC-WRT Certification

Our hardworking production team, busy completing their WRT (Water Restoration Technician) certification course. The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) sets the policies and standards for the restoration field. Our production team, while very experienced, now has been certified by the most trusted name in the industry! 

Tent drying example

Using a Tented Drying Method on Hardwood Floors in a Multi-story Milwaukee Office Space

When drying out hardwood floors, it is important not to over dry! If hardwood floors are too saturated, they will begin to cup. At the same time, if they are too dry they will begin to shrink. Tented drying is an effective way to make sure the correct humidity is reached without any warping of your hardwood floors.

Two of our production team members spraying the floor

Area School Cleaning Before Opening for the Fall

You don't need to incur catastrophic damages to call us for help! Here, two of our production team members are working to clean a local area school to make sure the building is student-ready when classes start. 

Soot removal on restroom wall

Soot and Odor Removal

After an unfortunate fire occurred in the restrooms of a local park, SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County was called in to get rid of heavy soot and smoke odor in order to restore the area to its original condition. The picture shows our ability to remove soot and odors left behind from these unfortunate situations. Using our 1-4-8 policy, we are able to make sure to be in contact with you within 1 hour of your call (day or night), be on-site within 4 hours, and provide the scope of the job within 8 hours allowing you to get back to normal as soon as possible.  

Our infrared camera detects hard to see moisture

Using The Newest Technology

Areas in your home or commercial building may seem unaffected at first glance, but looks can be deceiving! That's why we use our infrared cameras to detect moisture that is not easily detectable. 

Mold growing on drywall

Mold Growth in Oak Creak Home

Many homeowners are shocked to hear that mold can grow in damp conditions within 48 hours. After incurring water damage in your home, it is important to begin the mitigation process immediately. When SERVPRO arrives, we will remove any remaining water, begin the drying process, and apply anti-microbial to the necessary areas to stop the growth of mold in your home. If damages are not addressed with urgency, you can end up with uncontrollable mold growth that will not only stain your drywall but may also cause health effects.

Soot covers garage door after fire

Soot Buildup After Electrical Fire in Milwaukee, WI

Soot can contain hazardous materials, and the inhalation of this soot can lead to respiratory and other issues. Thankfully, SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County has specialized fire restoration training to get your home back to pre-fire condition. Check out our fire damage Do's and Don'ts here: link 

Water Damage in Commercial Breakroom

Commercial Water Damage in Milwaukee, WI

This was one of a handful of rooms in an airport hangar affected by water stemming from a broken pipe. SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County received a call and was able to arrive on a Sunday evening to begin the mitigation and restoration process. Reacting quickly allowed us to minimize damage and get employees back in the office as quickly as possible. 

Negative air machine set up in area home

Negative Air Machine for Duct Cleanings

When air ducts are not cleaned regularly they can be a source of allergens and respiratory irritants. This can be very detrimental if those who live in the home have respiratory illnesses. SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County can help. We use a system of tools including agitators and negative air machines to dislodge any dust and debris and remove them from the ventilation. Leaving you with the peace of mind that yourself and your family are not breathing in compromised air in your own home!

SERVPRO Southeast Milwaukee County Storage Facility

SERVPRO Southeast Milwaukee County Storage Facility

SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County has a large heated and secure storage facility available to store our customers contents to give the peace of mind that their possessions will be safe while our team completes their restoration projects.

A slow leak?

Whether is behind the washer, above the ceiling or under the sink, a little drip can lead to big trouble.

Water damage happens quickly and be expensive to fix.  Ignore a leak, and you could end up with a big mess on your hands.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage and freezing accounted for over a third of property damage claims - making it the most popular type of property damage claim in recent years.

Freezing claims include damage caused by such things as ice dams, frozen gutters and frozen pipes.  Other common causes of water damage include ruptured appliance hoses, leaky ice maker water lines, leaky pipes, leaky roofs and improperly sealed windows.

Remember, it takes between 48 - 72 hours for mold to grow and mold needs moisture.  So putting off repairing a leaky pipe can results in not only water damage, but mold growth as well.

If you see it, address it immediately

Damaged family home

Fire in Union Grove, WI

This is the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Union Grove, WI.  This fire did quite a bit of damage to the entire home, but especially to this kitchen.

Once the fire was out and the fire department released the scene, the homeowners called SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County to come out and see what we could do to help.

We have the capability to not only clean up after a fire, but also to clean everything in this home using our ultra-sonic cleaning system in combination to on-site cleaning of walls and ceilings.  

We also have the ability to store the homeowners cleaned and sanitized belongings in our secured, temperature controlled storage area right on site at our shop.

SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County is ready to help you clean up after a fire!

Sump Pump failure in Hales Corners, Wi

This home had a sump pump failure that caused the water to run under the wall and into the recreation room of this finished basement.

The key to any water loss is to realize the Category of water your dealing with.  In this case. the water was Category 3, grossly contaminated. 

Homeowners, understandably get excited when they see water rising in their basements and want to jump in and get to work.  They often forget that when they are walking over carpeting, up stairs etc with shoes that have been in Category 3 water they are cross-contaminating unaffected areas. 

SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County is trained to handle Category 3 water losses and have the experience to do it right.  We set down floor protection to avoid any cross contamination.

Flooded basement

It's hard to describe the feeling deep in your stomach when you walk downstairs after or during a big storm and see this.  The water has risen to an unsafe level with everything you had stored down there is bobbing in the standing.

SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County understands that feeling and wants to help you through that stressful time.

This homeowner describes the feeling as a feeling of helplessness and not even knowing where to begin.  He made a great first step when he called us!  

Our crew came out and extracted the water,  removed all the wet drywall, paneling and insulation and cleaned and sanitized the entire basement.

As for the homeowners treasures, we saved what wasn't affected and removed and disposed of what could not be saved.

The homeowner was breathing a lot easier when we were finished.

Broken Pipe in Franklin, WI

This company came in Monday morning to a realy mess caused by a broken pipe over the weekend.  They called SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County when they saw that the job was just too big for them to tackle themselves.

As you can see the water got fairly deep and affected some of their stock that was being stored on the lower shelves of their decking.  After cleaning up the standing water, our crew was able to work with this companies staff to sort through what could be saved and what needed to be destroyed.  We were able to provide them with an inventory of what was destroyed so they could take appropriate action to re-stock.

The business owners could not have been more pleased.  

SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County "Like it never even happened."

Fire in West Allis, WI

This is an example of the soot and ash that can be a result of having a kitchen fire in the next room.  After the fire department releases the site, homeowners are often surprised that the damage to their home extends far past the room where the fire originated.

This home had a fire in the kitchen.  Notice the soot and ash on the walls of this dining room.  

SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County has the equipment, chemicals and experience necessary to properly clean those walls and ceiling to be at pre-event condition.

This homeowner was very surprised at the results.

Water came from the drain

This home in Milwaukee, WI experienced a water loss when water came up through the floor drain.  Water got a couple inches high before the homeowner noticed it.

Water coming from a floor drain in Category 3 water, or grossly contaminated water.  Homeowners should avoid walking through this water and when they do, should remember to remove their shoes before walking in unaffected areas of their homes to avoid cross contamination.

This homeowner called SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County to come out and clean up.  It took several hours to extract the standing water before cleaning and sanitizing the area.  The homeowner was very happy he made the call.

Flooded Restuarant

Water Loss in Milwaukee,WI

When your business has an emergency, who do you call?  This small business in Milwaukee, WI called SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County when they had a water loss caused by a broken pipe.

Needless to say, when we arrived they were very happy to see us.   We were able to get this business cleaned up, sanitized and ready to re-open he same day.

The business owner was very surprised on how quickly we arrived and how efficient the crew was in getting him back up and running.   Needless to say, he was thrilled!

SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage in Caledonia, WI

Recent flooding in the area caused this home to have several feet of water in their basement.  Needless to say this is devastating for any homeowner.   It takes minutes to have a lifetime of treasures damaged, not to mention your home.

SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County understands how difficult this is for you and your family and will work to help you get through this type of loss.

Our crews will take care of the demolition, remove the debris and get the structure cleaned up and sanitized.  

Mold above a shower enclosure

Mold needs moisture to grow, so you can image that above a drop ceiling over a shower enclosure is a perfect environment for mold to flourish.

This Milwaukee, Wi home had quite a bit of mold when the homeowner opened up that drop ceiling.  They called SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County to come out and address the problem.

Homeowners should always be very cautious not to disturb any mold they find to avoid releasing the spores into the air.   Our professionally trained technicians can safely remediate the mold and will build containment to avoid that from occurring.

Mold in a West Allis, WI home

This a home that wasn't properly dried after a water event.  The homeowners call SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County to come out and remediate the mold.  Our crews have the proper equipment, chemicals and experience to tackle the job.   If you find mold in your home, give us a call.

Water Damage in Nashotah, WI

This is the aftermath of a bathtub on the upper level overflowing down into the lower level.  There is never a good time for this type of damage to occur, but this happened late at night.

The homeowner is a "do it yourselfer", but this was much bigger than they could handle on their own.  They called SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County and we arrived before the sun even came up the next morning.

The homeowner was very impressed with our speedy response and the professionalism of our crew. 

Storm Damage in Franklin

When a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?   We don't know, but when a tree falls on your home during a bad storm, it makes a BIG sound!

This homeowner was awakened in the middle of the night when a very large tree fell on their roof causing considerable damage. 

He called SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County to come help.

After the holes in the roof were temporarily covered up, we went to work in cleaning up all the damage caused by the rain pouring in through those holes before we arrived.

The homeowner was very pleased with how quickly we responded and the our crews willingness and expertise in handling these types of emergencies.

Frozen pipes

This homeowner was out of the country and forgot to turn off their water.  Once the weather got cold, their pipes froze and this is the result.

The home was empty, but there was a lot of damage to their structure.  Notice the ceiling collapsed on their beautiful hardwood floors.  Those floors were frozen solid.

Once SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County arrived on the scene we began the cleanup.  The homeowner expressed what a huge weight was lifted off their shoulders the minute we arrived on site.    Imagine trying to manage this from outside the country!

SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County kept this homeowner updated with phone calls, emails and a lot of pictures each step of the way.

Mold in the attic

SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County handles water damages every day and know prompt action is required to prevent mold growth.  Mold is more likely to spread when an environment has been subject to moisture for a long period of time.

Mold on Drywall

Organic materials found inside a building, such as wood, paper, drywall and insulation, provide food sources for mold to flourish.  

Excessive mold growth can lead to indoor environmental conditions that pose a health threat.

If you think you might have a mold problem, call SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County.  We are professionally trained in mold remediation.


When you are going to sell your home or business, you always want to present your property at it's best.  Staining consistent with mold can put some buyers off.

SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County can come out and make it "Like it never even happened."

Storms can shut your business down

That feeling when you are watching water rushing into you your business and there is just nothing you can do to prevent it.

That's what this manager experienced during a recent storm.  The basement of his business was filling with water and all of his mechanicals were at risk. 

Thankfully, this business owner had planned ahead and just needed to access his Emergency Ready Program App. on his phone.  He called SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County who was out quickly to get everything cleaned up. 

We never want anything bad to happen to our business, but it's always a great idea to be prepared.

SERVPRO  "Like it never even happened."

Sewer Backup in Racine, WI

This is the result of a sewer backup on the main level of this apartment.  Our crew was able to get this cleaned up and ready for rebuild in a few days, along with several other units with the same issue.

Hard to run your business

This business had significant water damage coming from the unit upstairs.   Hard to run your business in this condition.   SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County was able to get this contained and cleaned up so they never needed to close their doors.  We understand that your business needs to continue running no matter what happens.

Not exactly ready for a party!

This was our local festival grounds just a couple short weeks prior to the biggest music festival in the world.    A fire underneath the main stage caused this damage.  SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County was able to get this cleaned up and ready for opening day!

Kitchen Fire in Cudahy, WI

This is just the start of the damage a kitchen fire can cause in your home.  The smoke and soot damage can go through multiple rooms, not to mention the water damage from the fire department who arrived on the scene to extinguish the fire.   SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County can make it "Like it never even happened."

Water as high as the top of this vanity

During recent flooding in our area, this homeowner had water that was as high as the top of this vanity in their finished basement.  Once the water receded, our crew went and got this lower level cleaned up and ready for rebuild in less than a week!

Storm damage on car interior

Can this be cleaned?

Sometimes even the interior of your car can be effected as a result of storm damage. Can this unfortunate situation be cleaned by SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County? You bet!

UltraSonic Is the way to go!

When you  have a fire and have to get those contents back to pre-event standard, you can't beat our Ultra Sonic Cleaning Station!  We can clean and sanitize your treasures efficiently and effectively in just a few steps.

Water can be dangerous

There's water and then there's grossly contaminated water than contain harmful agents.  Our crew needs to "suit up" for those jobs where the water can be dangerous.  This is an example of what they look like when dealing with particularly dangerous toxic organic substances.

Pack it Up...Move it Out!

When you have a sewer back-up that affects your entire basement it's never fun.  When your basement contains all your treasures and you want them protected, it can be over-whelming.  In this job, our customer has thousands of books that are his passion.  They have to be removed and protected, so we can go in and clean up after a sewer back-up.  SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County can get it done - while treating your belongings like the treasures they are.

Sometimes it IS about the Equipment

When there is a serious water event, it can come down to the quality and quantity of equipment we have available.  SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County is prepared to handle your job, big or small.  We have an abundance of commercial grade air movers, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers and injectidry systems.

When you have a problem, SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County has a solution.

Loading the truck for a Water Job

When we get a call for a water job, our truck needs to ready to roll.   This is a shot of our crew loading the water truck for the next job.  After every job, the equipment is taken off and is cleaned and sanitized before being reloaded on the truck for the next job.  That way, we are ready for action when you call and we can arrive on site as soon as possible to solve your problem.

Family Rug

We can save this rug!

This rug was removed from a home after a grease fire.  The homeowner thought it was damaged beyond repair due to the grease and smell.  Our crew brought it back to our shop and went to work cleaning and deodorizing the rug.  They were able to make it look "Like it never even happened."  Look at the colors!    Our homeowner was shocked with the result and appreciative for saving her rug and impressed that we had her ready for rebuild in one day  What about the smell,  you may ask?  It smells fresh and clean (because it is).

SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County is here to help.

Crew cleaning contents

After a fire, the contents in the home need to be cleaned and sanitized.  SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County has the technology and experience needed to ensure your treasures are "like it never even happened" after they run them through our UltraSonic cleaning and sanitizing station.  This crew member is on the first stage of the process - the pre-cleaning.  The nest stage is the ultrasonic cleaning and sanitization process, followed by rinsing and blowing dry before being placed in our custom drying chambers to ensure all the water is removed.

Our customer was surprised and delighted with the results!

Crew Chief Tim is demonstrating

The newest members of our production crew were benefiting from some extensive training on all the different ways we clean carpet.  SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County can clean your home or office carpet.

Nothing like Clean Carpet

One of the many services SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County provides is carpet cleaning for home and commercial buildings.  Look how beautiful this office looks after our crew cleaned their carpet!

Getting ready to roll....

Our crew is making sure they have everything they need on the truck for their next job.   Just like any other emergency service organization, we are ready to go whenever we get the call.

Why SERVPRO is different

We have the resources

SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County has the equipment and expertise to handle your water or fire cleanup.  We have plenty of equipment to handle your job - big or small and our high performance production crew knows how to use every single piece to make your home look "Like it never even happened."

Look at these Smiles!

Our newest group of production tech's just completed their mold remediation training and are now ready to hit the ground running.  You can't tell from the photo, but they were all smiles behind those masks!

SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County is ready and able to help you with mold remediation.